Sarah Volpi

Sarah Volpi is a freelance cinematographer.
She was born in Milan, Italy, and studied at the Civica Scuola del Cinema. Since 1999 she shot for the famous American TV Network "Bloomberg". She participated at the Vancouver Film Festival in Canada with the short film "Al di la del bene e del male" and won as a director of photography.

She mastered her profession for all kinds of projects, from News to company profiles, feature films, commercials, short films and conventions. She carried out footage in several formats among which P2 HD PAL & NTSC, Digital Betacam, 16mm & 35mm, as well as shots for Music and Web TV. She worked in many countries - like UK (London); Holland (Amsterdam), Germany (Frankfurt); France (Paris); Malta (La Valletta), Greece (Athens); Poland (Krynica) - experiencing a wide range of recording and shooting conditions. She worked for many foreign productions, both in Italy and abroad. Her footage has been broadcast by many television networks around the world, such as: CNB
C USA, TV Tokyo, Sky Italy, RAI, Mediaset, LA7 and others. She is a journalist for the Italian and foreign press. Sarah is up with the times: the Drone fly cams are a new frontier in the shooting field and she is skilled in such a sector, as well.

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